Participate in this project

Applicant Qualifications

You can participate in this project only if you meet the following conditions:
1、You are a registered customer of an electric power company
2、Your renewable energy system, which is powered by solar or wind power, is installed at your registered address with a total capacity of no more than 1 megawatt
3、Your renewable energy system can be connected to the power company's grid, and there is no need to increase the capacity or strengthen the grid

Application procedures, simple procedures

Our company will complete the whole process of network connection for you.At the same time, we promise that the design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar wind power generation for you will comply with relevant laws and guidelines and meet relevant safety and technical standards.

required documents

1、Complete the application form
2、 copy of Hong Kong identity card or passport (it is recommended that you hand it over to our authorized representative)
3、technical documentation

Download application form

*Note: if the power account is a household or personal account, please provide a copy of the power account holder's Hong Kong identity card or passport.

Application form submission

Please submit the completed form in the following manner:

*fax:3486 0028
*Address: 14th floor, pangu bank building, 28 des voeux road central, Hong Kong
(you may also inform us to collect the agent in person)